professional photographer

Elimar Coelho

Brazilians first arrived in America much sooner than you think.

In 1654 a group of 23 navigators originating in Recife, Brazil landed in New Amsterdam
(present day New York). They were received, not without struggles, by Peter Stuveysant who
was governor of the province at the time. These setilers were the founders of the first syna-
gogue in North America.

The exchanges between the two countries have never ceased since then.

In the twenty-first century Brazil is increasingly present in the New York fashion scene.
Designers such as Carlos Miele, Alexander Herchkovicht, Geova Rodrigues, Rosa Cha and
numerous models such as Gisele Bundchen, Tassara Vilaça, Bruna Bocchat, Solange Wilvert,
Emanuela de Paula, Bruna Tenorio, and Fabiana Semprebom all render the tone of the face of
Brazil in America,

What few know is that behind the world’s most beautiful faces there is a plethora of Brazil-
jans who work behind the scenes to make their pictures more stunning.

Brazilian photographers, bookers, makeup artists, producers, hair designers, and their teams
represent the most famous agencies today in the Big Apple.

Photographer ELIMAR COELHO desires to expose the contributions and collaborations of
these team members working in America needed to create the face of Brazil.

Mr. Coelho believes that the best way to achieve this goal is through a traveling exbibition
that will commence in New York and subsequently visit the centers of fashion both in Brazil
and the United States, The exhibition will portray the process that begins behind the scenes
f fashion in the dressing room and follow it ultimately to the catwalk. The catwalk is where
the presence of the masters of beauty is stamped on the skin, the clothing, and the hair; all of
which is captured by the nimble elegance of the Brazilian models that ensure the success of
canvalks all over the world.

Meet Elimar Coelho, a talented photographer who turns dreams into captivating images. Since leaving Brazil in 2002 to pursue his ultimate dream of being in the United States, Elimar has been mesmerizing the world with his passion for the art of photography.

Inspired by the influence of great American films and his desire to explore new horizons, Elimar seized the opportunity to go to the USA when he received an invitation from a model friend who didn’t want to embark on the journey alone. With all expenses paid, he found himself staying in a hotel in the iconic Times Square, a true immersion experience in an entirely new place. And by a twist of fate, on the bustling avenue, he encountered Thais Oliveira, who warmly welcomed him. That’s when he knew he had found his place.

His first job in the United States was an invitation from the renowned IstoÉ Magazine, alongside another talented professional, Juca Rodrigues. This opportunity marked the beginning of an incredible photographic journey, capturing fashion shows, concerts, and renowned artists such as Roberto Carlos, Jota Quest, Serginho Groismann, Lenine, Milton Nascimento, Skank, among many others.

Determined to focus on what he loves most in life – photographing models – Elimar sought model agencies and, with his unique vision, carved out his place on the world’s most coveted runways. His career took off, and his name became synonymous with excellence in the fashion industry.

Elimar is a natural dreamer, enchanted by the beauty and brilliance of every flash. His ability to capture unique moments and reveal the true essence of his models is what makes him an exceptional photographer. His passion shines through in every photograph, engaging viewers and allowing them to emotionally connect with his visual masterpieces.

As you explore his gallery, you will be transported to a world of vibrant colors, authentic expressions, and compelling stories. Elimar Coelho is more than a talented photographer – he is a visual storyteller, who moves and inspires with every click of his camera.

Welcome to the universe of Elimar Coelho, where the magic of photography comes to life.

“The photographer uses much more than his finger to photograph, he uses his soul.”